Splash-Proof Super-Fast Thermapen

Splash-Proof Super-Fast ThermapenThe Super-Fast Thermapen has been a favorite among restaurant chains, health inspectors and quality managers worldwide. Hundreds of thousands are in use. The clever fold-away probe and the simple pocket design replace more expensive and large handheld thermometers while using the same professional thermocouple technology.

Splash-Proof Super-Fast Thermapen Instant Read Thermometer, Perfect for Barbecue, Home and Professional Cooking

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Splash-Proof Super-Fast Thermapen Reviews

I have tried other thermometers, but got disappointed waiting endlessly while they slowly ticked upward. I do not have that problem with the Thermapen. With the others, I spent too much time with my head in the oven (and the heat getting out) and it finally occurred to me that I\'d be better off paying for a really good FAST thermometer that would work in a variety of settings.

I bake bread and like to check the internal temperature of large loaves to ensure proper doneness, but do not much want a big hole in the bottom. The probe on the Thermapen is very slender so the hole is significantly smaller than when I have used the others. Another thing I like is that when you open the Thermapen, it is instant on, close it and it is off. - By C. G. King
Finally a precise thermometer that takes less than an instant for the read out. Is it expensive?? YUP. Sorry, wish it was not believe me, but it is worth it! We saw it used on America\'s Test Kitchen, and my husband had to have it. We waited until Christmas and was able to get it for just under $100 I think - maybe $90 w/ shipping. He used it that night and LOVED it.

The part that goes into the meat simply folds into the body of the thermometer which activates the power. So folded in, it is off, Pull it out, it is on. You put it in the meat, and BAM! you know the accurate temp. If you\'re a serious cook, or even in the kitchen more than three times a week, this is an essential tool for you. - by mag98dlg
I recieved the Thermapen for christmas and used it already on a few occasions. My main use is for broiling. It works great for single pieces of meat like a steak, chicken breast, or pork chop,to know exactly when to remove it from the heat. I do however, prefer to use my digital thermometer with probe that can stay in while cooking for roasts, loins, and large pieces of meat. The only problem I have with this thermometer, is the digital display doesn\'t have a light which makes it very difficult to read when grilling after dark. By Ron W.
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